Thursday, May 13, 2010


I can identify with the peony.  "Now, where did I put my comb?"
I'm off track already.  I want to show you some of the babies on our place.  Momma Wren chose to build her nest in a little medicine cabinet Karen installed in our goat barn.
Have you noticed that peas pop out of the pea blossoms?
Another day or too and they're well on their way.
Our potatoes are going to blossom soon, which reminds me of a fellow who looked down his nose at me when I said we grow potatoes.  "They're so cheap in the store," said he.  Yes, I agree, you get what you pay for.
These chive flowers aren't exactly babies.  The chives have been growing for several years.  Like most things, it's a matter of perspective.  Aren't they pretty?  If they're attractive enough, these flowers will be replaced by seeds, next year's babies.
"I understand you have something special for any California guys or girls out there," says Virginia.

"Yes, despite the lack of salty breezes," I say.  "You tell me, what is this?"


  1. Is the artichoke from last year's plant? I want to grow artichokes!!!

  2. Yes, the artichoke is a plant I dug up before winter, put in a pot and placed in the greenhouse. Wintering over around here outside doesn't seem to work. I suppose we could try building a coldframe around them in the fall.