Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Burst Bubble

I brush the curtain aside.  Is everyone still out there?  I'll close it again soon, but it's almost dinnertime and I've been bobbing in my bubble for 8 hours straight.

If I don't choose breaks carefully, my train of thought may chug into oblivion and a little carefully hoed wisdom will be lost forever.  I'm afraid one lost thought could save someone a lot of trouble so I'd better hold on tight.

In my line of work, the definitions can kill you.  I read through a ten-page one a couple days ago.  Someday I'd like to meet one of the Beltway drafters who write these things.  No, forget that.  I think I'd rather pull weeds.

This writing process is very similar to musical performance or a road race or many other lines of work or pleasure.  I suppose that's why they're called "disciplines."  Focus and concentrated effort are important to any kind of success, unless maybe you're that one in a billion persons who's blessed with pure, natural talent.  I'm not.

"Back to work," says Virginia.  "You're neglecting me.  Remember, I've got you soon for 3 solid months."

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