Monday, June 7, 2010

Pea Time Squared!

It's pea time.  Two garden beds have come to fruition, consuming 9 hours of yesterday's rest and much of this morning, leaving me to neglect weeding the corn, writing about financial reform....

"...and Virginia," says Virginia.

Yes, Virginia.  My back feels as if it has done a lifting marathon, after bending over, kneeling on this knee then on that, sitting, squatting, trying every position I could think of to harvest those pods.  I managed to stick 11 quarts of shelled peas in the freezer a couple hours ago, but I'm not half finished.

Pea pictures later, maybe.  First, I want to show you a purple coneflower...before:
..some pink hollyhocks nearby,
and an x and o of a Yellow Prolific squash plant.  Maybe this will be the year we'll try frying their blossoms.
Oh, by the way, for the second year, the New Zealand spinach I planted in 2008 has returned by its own volition.  This "3-season" spinach will last into early winter.
For comparison's sake, here's some standard spinach.  My marker disappeared, so I'll guess it's Bloomsdale Longstanding.  It could be Tyee.

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  1. I bask in your magnificence. I can only hope your green thumb might rub off on me. In a non- intimate way of course.