Saturday, June 5, 2010


Burgers frizzle on a grill,
future basses coo in bassinets,
crickets scrub wings good luck
above drying hay where fireflies flicker.

“Listen,” he says, “do you hear?”

“Yes, creek waters wandering,
wind whistling winter wheat,
and almost, gardens growing.”

“No, something else.”

“Ssss,” the hiss...
          of a copperhead.

"This reminds me of something I read not long ago," says Virginia, "that advertisers have long missed the boat by their use of music in commercials.  Rather than sounds that draw viewer interest -- for example, burgers sizzling and babies cooing, which studies have shown draw most people's attention --they have used music that doesn't."

"Your singing," I say, "that would draw attention."

"Better Gaga," says Virginia.

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