Thursday, June 24, 2010


Thanks to Karen, for a couple days my new beard looked as if someone cared and the hippie look around my ears had lessened.  Thanks to Jerry, the photographer, I'm wondering if disarray is an asset, hence this:
Doesn't it look like a haphazard hair style?  Setting a record, within 24 hours of harvesting the previous crop (winter wheat) with scissors, I've replanted, this time with watermelons, muskmelons (cantaloupe), cucumbers, radishes (to keep the squash beetles away), and flowers (nasturtiums and bachelor buttons).  As you can see, I left much of the wheat straw for background.  Besides, it'll hold the soil in place and gradually disintegrate. 

In case you don't remember or didn't see an earlier blog posting, here's how the greenhouse garden appeared yesterday (photo courtesy of Karen; stay tuned to because I suspect she'll soon explain our standing-winter-wheat-to-bread process).  The left side has been trimmed of wheat berries, the right side awaits its turn.
While we're at it, remember the peas I spent days picking a couple weeks ago?  I've also replanted that garden bed, with sweet corn and Blue Lake green beans.
I simply pulled weeds, hoed the pea vines into rows, added some nicely aged horse manure, and planted corn and beans between the rows of peas.  My plan is to go back in a month or so and take dried peas off the vines so I can plant them next year -- unless the corn and beans make that too uncomfortable.

"I understand another friend is about to visit," says Virginia.

Sure enough:
Doyle's Thornless Blackberries

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