Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beasts in the Garden

When I began my round of the garden this morning, chickens were attacking my sprouting Blue Lake green bean seedlings.  Shoo, shoo!  Once again, I had dillydallied, hoping the expected would not occur.  I ran to execute my plan.

I found a 6-foot board and used the table saw to rip it into three 6-foot boards.  Our miter saw cut each board into three stakes.  A yellow-handled sledge hammer pounded the stakes around the future bean patch.  I spread some Sto netting (used for applying stucco) over the stakes and lightly tapped a staple here and there to hold the netting in place.

Twelve hours later, the chickens have not pestered the seedlings.  I'm not saying they won't.

When I resumed my morning rounds, I heard windy wings singing to the corn.  No shoo for you.
Do you see something missing in the next picture?
"They're not going to reproduce, are they?" says Virginia.

Our ducks seem to like yellow muskmelon blossoms.  They didn't touch the watermelons, which look the same to me.  Maybe they smell different.

So much for beasts.  Here's a vegetable you might not know...
and an elderly version of a plant I displayed earlier on this blog.
Look again.  The next generation is greening up.  You might have to click on the picture to see.

Finally, here's a current picture of the pomegranates.

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