Thursday, August 19, 2010

Out Standing in the Field

I received a PDF file of my new book today, 2 weeks and a day after I provided the manuscript. It's on track to be available next week. Talk about instant press!

What's even more remarkable is the Federal Reserve Board announced a few new regulations on Monday, 3 days ago, and they're mentioned in the book. We might be "first to market" on this one.

Thanks, Diane and Leanne. I guess this blog posting will have to serve as an acknowledgments page. I don't see many of those in this kind of book.

If it were a novel, release might be scheduled for next May. If it were a scholarly treatise, next December might be a stretch. I suppose it would be too much to ask those editors and reviewers to hurry up.

"You're not a scholar?" asks Virginia.

"One who has done advanced study in a field?" Maybe. I knelt in our field and fairly closely studied our baby donkey this afternoon. Held him tight.

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