Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thank You for Not Smoking

I smell you.  I smell where you've been.  You may think a mint or mouthwash makes you clean.  You can't hide it.  Smoke indoors and a week after you've left, I still smell you.  (Just in case you had no idea.)

It's the same with me, I'm sure, broccoli breath out the nose, heavy dose of garlic last night (unless you ate some, too), shoes flavored with goat, turkey, chicken, duck and donkey dung.  Two hundred years ago, a splash or maybe a shot glass of perfume or cologne smothered other scents for a while.  Ah, ah, ah, choo!  I think I'm allergic.  I heard that doctors back then could diagnose with their noses.  Now we disguise ourselves with daily showers and poison underarmor.

"Phew, you're right," says Virginia.

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