Saturday, August 21, 2010


This is a muskmelon, not quite as ripe as I prefer, but with a little careful carving we had it for dessert last night.  I've discovered I need to plant enough -- of everything -- to feed free-range chickens and ducks. The problem is they lack discretion and discipline. My alternative is to figure out a fencing system that guides them where I want them, to make our friend, Pat Foreman, proud (author of City Chicks, The Chicken Tractor, and other books).

Scott, my friend who was concerned that the soil sample he provided me in a goat feed bag was too rich, need not have worried.  My baby pomegranate trees are loving it,
 as is the green pepper I'm hoping will enjoy an extended season in my greenhouse.
I used the rest of the soil to plant the peach pits from tasty fruit our dentist delivered.

"Um. I see," says Virginia.
Either she has x-ray eyes or she's using her impressive imagination.  All I see is a crust-less mud pie.

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