Saturday, August 28, 2010

King-Sized Beds, or Beds Fit for a King

Feeling squirrelly is becoming second nature to us here at Elk Cliff Farm.  I prefer the term eccentric, but squirrelly appeals this time of year because another definition of the term fits.  Karen put up a bucket of yellow peppers today while I, hoping for a late first frost, planted a final patch of October beans (a/k/a dwarf horticultural beans) and worked on a batch of apple jelly.
"Why the yellow fence?" yawns Virginia, saying what I want her to say.  You tell me.
A couple days ago, Karen asked why I didn't plant any zebra tomatoes this year.  Well, I didn't,....
I feel lucky when both tomatoes and pumpkins volunteer. And look here, on the left, I didn't plant any of that New Zealand spinach.
Would you like to see some planned tomatoes and green peppers?
"Those aren't green," says Virginia.

They were supposed to be, and I haven't figured out what happened.  If you know, let me know, would you?
"Ten in a bed, the little one said."

Finally, here's my favorite, late sweet corn.


  1. Congrats on a VERY bountious (is that the word) season. Are the yellow peppers sweet? I LOVE the tours through your garden here and in person. SO relaxing (except for the foul ravishes).

  2. Yes, the yellow peppers are sweet, just like green peppers (except for the color).