Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tater Pumpkins

My sweet peppers have Rip Van Winkled me while I attended my 10-week financial reform submersion course.  Book done and submitted and hoping to take some pictures of teeny peppers, I searched around the tops of my plants, finding only blossoms.  As I stood to walk away, I caught a glimpse of something down below:
They're either Early Hungarian Sweet Peppers, which I thought were supposed to be red, or some wacky version of last year's California Wonders from which I saved seed.

What I intended to shoot were these giant squash, known as Tater Pumpkins, according to our neighbor, Feenie.
He said his mother sliced them into strips, rolled them in brown sugar, and roasted them "sweet as candy."  I guess that's why they're officially named Georgia Candy Roasters.

A couple garden beds down lie a few watermelons I'm hoping will have time to mature before the winds blow cool, 
along with some butternuts.
"Did you sign your name on that squash?" asks Virginia.

Nope, although it looks like it. You may need to click on the picture to see what she's talking about.


  1. Maybe you can tell me and Jerry what we're doing wrong in our garden. It's been a bad year. We had beans, and a few peppers. Tomatoes are still trying, but no zucchini. Lettuce was a bummer, too. Oh well, I vote for a pool next year!

  2. I should drag out a stanza I wrote about "master" gardening. I realize it may offend some people, but I think the only master is the garden itself.